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Reflexology is an Alternative Medicine involving application of pressure to the feet and hands with specific thumb, finger, and hand techniques. It is based on a system of Zones (Energy Channels) and areas that reflect an image of the body on the feet and hands. Stimulating these areas will help detoxify the body, improve the circulation and nerve conduction to organs and structures within the body. Reflexology helps the body ultimately reduce stress and it provides deep relaxation to the recipient. Reflexology is a beneficial Complementary Therapy for relieving conditions such as Migraine, IBS (irritable Bowel Syndrome), Back, Neck, Hip and Shoulder Pain, Insomnia, Tinnitus and general Stress Related Illnesses. It is estimated that over 70% of doctor appointments are for stress related illnesses, which could be relieved by Reflexology, as opposed to medications such as prescription drugs.

At One Day Courses we offer a fantastic Basic Foot Reflexology Course, which will enable you to treat friends and family or go on to do other One Day Courses with us, or learn a new career in this valuable effective therapy. We will teach you 12 different Reflex Points on the feet, which will give you an opportunity to give a safe enjoyable Reflexology Session. Our teachers are seasoned therapists as well as experienced instructors of the Level 3 diploma in Reflexology. After getting to know your fellow classmates, the morning will be spent on an introduction to Reflexology, how it works and its benefits. You will be guided on who you may not treat or how to treat certain people who have medical conditions, where you must treat them with caution. After a tea-break, a thorough demonstration of a Reflexology Session will be shown and then you will have an opportunity to practice on each other with careful guidance from your teacher.

iStock_000018113662SmallThe day is relaxing, fun and will help relax your Mind and Body, as well as give you an opportunity to learn something new. Basic Foot Reflexology is ideal for beginners who are interested in following a career path in Reflexology. It is a great CPD (Continuing Professional Development) course if you are an existing therapist and want to learn another skill. It is also a brilliant course to help loved ones, family and friends to help them relieve stress and improve their overall general health. At One Day Courses we provide comfortable lafuma chairs (recliners) and plenty of pillows and blankets to give you a great Reflexology experience, when you are receiving the treatment. We also provide wet-wipes for the feet and paper roll, to ensure that you work in a hygienic environment. You will be given a comprehensive easy to follow work-book and our lessons are presented as a PowerPoint presentation on a flat screen TV. We also provide refreshments at the college and also offer a programme for you to go on to do the Diploma in Reflexology with a guaranteed job (subject to suitability) at our sister company The Reflexology Space in the same centre as our college

At the end of this inspirational day, you will leave with the confidence to practise your new skill on others, and possibly start a new career or make some extra cash. You may want to take advantage of discounts on other One Day Courses that we offer in subjects such as Massage, Hand and Face Reflexology, Head, Neck and Back Massage or go on to do our Intermediate Reflexology Course. At the end of this informative day, you will have met some great people, or make a new friend and you will be awarded a certificate.


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Intermediate Reflexology is recommended for those who have completed Basic Reflexology or for Qualified Reflexologists looking to refresh or brush-up on their skills. If you are a Reflexologist and have not practised in a while, then this course will be perfect for you. It is a ideal course if you have another skill in Massage, or you are a health-Care-Worker, such as an Physiotherapist, Nurse, Doctor, Occupational Therapist or Podiatrist etc.
This next level will help you learn a few more things about Reflexology and about the body as a whole. We will cover the History of Reflexology and its role in our society today. We also explore the meaning of the Holistic Approach in the Complementary Therapy world and how stress affects our lives in a negative way. We will cover a few common stress-related conditions too. You will also learn how to take a consultation, using our own clinical forms
After lunch, our experienced tutor will give a Reflexology demonstration, adding another 12 new Reflex Points to the Basic Reflexology Sequence, which will give you more confidence to practise on friends, work-colleagues and family members and possibly give you conviction to charge money in the form of a donation for a treatment. On the Intermediate Reflexology day we pay special attention to the Spinal Reflex Points to be able to affect the whole body through the Peripheral Nervous System. Naturally, you will be refreshed on the Reflex Points you learnt on our Basic Reflexology day too. As before, you will give and receive treatments in our comfortable lafuma chairs equipped with pillows, blankets wet wipes and paper towels to ensure a hygienic working environment. At the end of this comprehensive day, you will be able to add these new Reflex Points to your existing Reflexology Sequence, giving you a longer therapeutic structure to keep your practise up. We recommend that you go on to study Hand or Face Reflexology or Head Neck Back Massage, One Day Course giving you a whole new client-base to work with and help. Many of our learners are inspired to study the Diploma in Reflexology, where they get to do case studies at the college, with a view to a career or a job at our sister company The Reflexology Space.
Some people can use this and other courses we offer, as part of their Continuing Professional Development training (CPD’s) and get the required points to keep-up their membership to their respective professional organisation.